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What do you love?

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Hello Washed Ashore Fans:


Today's blog is all about finding time for the things you love. What do you love the most? Is it a hobby like knitting or puzzles? Maybe you haven't read a good book in quite some time? Or could it be something as simple as going to your favorite restaurant. I know it's easier said than done, but you have to make time for the things you love.

For me, I love when I'm behind the camera, looking at a seashell through the tiny opening of the viewfinder. It's not always easy, especially when I'm laying face down on the sand with waves crashing around me!  Somedays it's hard to find time to pick up a camera. I'm sure I'm not the only one having time management issues - it seems like everyone feels the crunch. If you think about it most of your day is spent between a job and sleep (sometimes sleep takes a backseat to other things like another job). Eight hours at a job, eight hours sleeping with the rest of your time divided up among other things like children, school, dinner, etc. 

When I was going to college for my B.A. in Creative Writing my professors kept teaching the same basic rule: In order to be a good writer you have to write everyday. This rule may seem almost too simple, but it's true. How can you get better at something unless you do it all the time? So I wrote and wrote and wrote until the letters wore off my laptop keys. Although it took a ton of time I noticed the difference in my work. After I got my degree I took the same idea of writing everyday and applied it to my photography. Truth be told I saw a dramatic difference in my photos as well. But sometimes things don't always work out the way you want. You may not have an extra few hours to read that book or spend quality time with someone close to you. 

Soon enough my mantra of taking photos everyday turned into an every other day event. Than once or twice a week. When I finally noticed my workflow slowing down to a crawl I said enough was enough. I was going to make time no matter what the cost because doing what I loved meant the world to me. Holding a camera, lining up a shot and finally creating art made me happy.

Do what you love and love what you do. Tia and I try to put that into each photo we create and we hope it puts a smile on your face when you see it. It makes me happy to see the faces of our customers when they find a special photo at our shows. All the hard work of shooting each day pays off when I see someone who falls in love with one of our photos. That "wow" moment is one of the reasons I created Washed Ashore Photography. I wanted to feel in awe each time I created something special with my camera. I remember the first time I ordered a large print of one of our favorite photos "Vibrant Starfish". I placed an order from the lab for a 24" X 36" print and when I opened the package I had a "wow" moment. It really took me a few seconds to take it all in. That print is still hanging in our house today - I still think how happy I was when I realized it was my work I was looking at. 

Once we lose sight of our passions they seem like a distant memory, always there but never within reach. Today I implore you to take hold of your love and embrace it. If you love a good book then make time to read whenever you can. If you're like me and love to take photos then grab you camera and click that shutter. Enjoy the rest of your week! 


J. R.  

Washed Ashore Photography


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