Washed Ashore Photography | Photo edit backlogs and our next upcoming show

Photo edit backlogs and our next upcoming show

May 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Any other photographers out there backlogged with photos to review? It seems like I have multiple shooting days worth of photos to review and not enough time to edit them. My Lightroom App must hate me because I keep toggling back and forth between catalogs trying to sort out the digital media mess. 


I've been sorting out images from the last shoots, trying to free up room on the hard drive. Tia and I competed (unofficially) in the World Series of Birding this past Saturday. It's a statewide birding competition to see who can spot the most birds. Although we topped out at 31 we did capture a few new birds I've only seen before a handful of times. The Edwin Forsythe Wildlife Refuge is truly a great spot for birding and it didn't disappoint with plenty of black skimmers, plovers and terns chatting up a storm. I also spotted a few song birds I've never seen before.  It must be the spring migration in full force as our feathered friends return home for the summer. Tia and I hope to get a larger team ready for next year's World Series now that we have a little practice (Go Team Washed Ashore!)


I've also been honing my bird photography skills in my backyard at my own custom built bird buffet. I call it the Bird Bar and since I started taking pictures last Monday I've seen over a dozen species stopping in for a snack. I'm still working on getting the right angles for photos,  but I'm off to a good start. All I need is a cup of coffee and a fully stocked feeder station. That and a few days without rain. As long as I can keep Tia's squirrels away from the peanut cage I'll be OK. It seems we have new baby squirrels in our tree enjoying the Corn on the Cob stand Tia bought them. Within two weeks we ran through an entire bag of feed corn so I guess we have another blockbuster restaurant on our hands; The Squirrel Supper Club - open for brunch and dinner...until the corn runs out! 


This past week has been fllled with editing a round of lighthouse photos taken about a month ago. We visited the Cape May Lighthouse in the middle of April before the rush of visitors took over. I posted one photo that's up on our site if you'd like to take a look.  I should have another round of edits done before long and will try to post the best ones.


This Saturday we have our next show: the 2nd Annual Keyport Antique and Artisan Festival in lovely Keyport, NJ. We'll be in attendance from 11am until 6pm showcasing our latest photography on Canvas and Metal.  Drop in and say "hi" if you're in the area this weekend!  As always, thanks for reading our blog and check out our new photos as we post them online.


J. R. 

Washed Ashore Photography





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