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A few years ago while fishing at the beach I discovered something beautiful. I noticed just how many seashells were washing up. I thought: "How many people actually take the time to look at these shells?"

As we walk along the beach some of us step over them, some collect them and some of us simply don't notice them at all. Seashells are amazing creations from nature that are so intricate. Where did they come from? How long were they in the ocean?

I asked myself many questions, but one final question came into my head: is this the last stop for these wonderful shells? The answer is no. They can have a new life in portraits to show how beautiful they really are. So I started placing a few shells in the sand to look at them through different eyes. I saw how gorgeous they truly are. They come alive if you look at them closely. Within a few weeks I was hooked on photographing shells and other things I find on the beach.

So this is where my journey begins: to give new life to seashells after they wash ashore.

Thank you for viewing my page on Zenfolio. If you have any questions or comments please email me at washedashorephotography@gmail.com and I'll get back to you soon!

J. R. Warnet
Washed Ashore Photography, LLC